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Black Top Publishing is a full-scale publishing company created to support new authors in publishing their works.  We assist with editing, copyrighting, e-book creation, International Standard Book Number obtainment, financing, book/cover design, book layout, illustrations, marketing, book storage, and author website.

About Our Services

Below are the services we offer authors. Click on the plus signs to expand each section.


Editing is the process of preparing a book for publication by organizing language and correcting mistakes.  Black Top Publishing offers two types of editing to create a great book.  Copy editing is offered to correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation.  Line editing is offered for reorganizing content, developing sequences, and arranging phrases for clarity.  Great editing can take a good story from mediocre to fascinating.  


Copyrighting prevents others from replicating your work and selling it without your consent.  Black Top Publishing will assist you in registering your work for copyrights.  This will protect you and give you power to control who uses it.  In addition, legal matters tend to swing in your favor if someone attempt to steal your work or use it without permission.  Your work will be copyrighted in your name and you are the sole owner.


An e-book is written work converted into a digital format to be read on any digital device such as a computer, tablet, phone, or e-reader.  Yes!  Black Top Publishing offers this service to our authors and clients.  It is another way to capitalize on the market of readers who enjoy their books in the digital format.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition and variation (except reprintings) of a publication.  It is used to identify a book.  Black Top Publishing supply barcodes for authors and also assist self-published clients in obtaining their own.


Black Top Publishing understands how challenging the startup cost for new projects can be.  But we also know how rewarding the payoff returns of a hot selling book.  We offer book deals up to $10,000.00 for works that can be sold to an established reader base.  We also assist authors with financial support through advances on upcoming projects with each step of the publishing process.  Fill out the questionnaire to see if you qualify for a book deal.

Book and Cover Design

Black Top Publishing offer collaboration for creating the best possible design and book cover that will draw readers while producing high volume sales. We offer graphics, photo design, and illustrations.  Our team of professionals create visual content to communicate messages. In addition, we use pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience

Book Layout

Once your book has been edited, copyrighted, given an ISBN and approved for printing, Black Top Publishing will convert Microsoft word documents into files for the printer for mass production.  Your edited work, book cover, spine, back cover design and ISBN are all included in this process.


Illustrations are pictures used to show imagery.  Whether it’s a picture, design, or diagram, Black Top Publishing is able to capture the artist’s vision and create art to coincide with the author’s writing.  Our team of artists are talented and available to assist with the author’s concept.


Marketing creates awareness for a specific book among booksellers and consumers. Black Top Publishing is dedicated to promoting, advertising, and showing your book to readers through social media, Black Top Publishing affiliates, and website.  The goal of marketing, of course, is to generate book sales.  We want you to become a best seller.  Your success is our success. 

Author Website

Black Top Publishing will assist each author in creating your own website to promote your brand as an author and to capitalize on book sales.  Your website can be used to promote book tours, book signings, and events.

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